Infielder J.D. Davis Designated for Assignment by Oakland A's


In a surprising and tumultuous series of events, infielder J.D. Davis has been designated for assignment by the Oakland A's, merely three months following his release by the San Francisco Giants during spring training. This move comes with significant financial implications, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering Davis's next steps in Major League Baseball.

Contract Details and Financial Implications

Oakland signed the 31-year-old Davis to a one-year, $2.5 million deal in March, shortly after he was unexpectedly released by the Giants. Davis had initially triumphed in salary arbitration with San Francisco, securing a $6.9 million payday for the season.

However, salary arbitration does not guarantee the entirety of the annual pay unless a settlement is reached beforehand. Consequently, upon the Giants' release of Davis—prompted by their acquisition of third baseman Matt Chapman—Davis was owed only one-sixth of his contract, amounting to approximately $1.15 million. This decision sparked outrage among players around the league, who felt the handling of Davis's contract was unjust, but there was little recourse available to challenge it.

This controversy simmered down after Davis found a home in Oakland. Unfortunately, his time with the A’s has been rocky, contributing to his recent designation for assignment. Over 39 games, Davis struggled, posting a batting line of .236/.304/.366 with four home runs and five RBIs.

Potential Transactions

The Oakland A’s now face the prospect of either trading Davis or releasing him. If a trade occurs, the acquiring team will assume a portion of Davis's remaining fully guaranteed salary. Should Oakland fail to find a trade partner, Davis may end up signing with another team for a prorated portion of the league minimum salary, which is $740,000.

Davis’s predicament positions him as an intriguing option for teams searching for a potent hitter. Throughout his eight-year MLB career, Davis has generally showcased above-average offensive capabilities, with a career slash line of .259/.341/.427. However, his defensive shortcomings have often hindered his ability to secure consistent playing time.

His offensive prowess was particularly evident last year with the Giants, as he notched 18 home runs and 69 RBIs over 144 games. Further demonstrating his potential, Davis's best season came in 2019 with the New York Mets. That year, he posted an impressive .307/.369/.527 slash line, complemented by 22 home runs and 57 RBIs across 140 games, splitting his time between third base and left field.

Career Statistics and Performance

One can't overlook Davis's potential as a strong contributor at the plate despite his recent struggles. His career statistics underscore his value as a reliable hitter, and teams may see this as a strategic opportunity to bolster their offensive lineup by acquiring him at a lower cost.

In the right environment, Davis could reclaim the form that made him a desirable asset. With the potential for a resurgence, teams in need of offensive depth might find it worthwhile to take a chance on him, even considering the risks associated with his defensive liabilities.


The designation for assignment marks another chapter in what has been a turbulent year for J.D. Davis. From a costly release by the Giants to a challenging stint with the A's, Davis has faced his share of adversity. Yet, his proven track record as a productive hitter renders him an attractive prospect for teams willing to invest in his talent.

While his defensive challenges may continue to limit his playing time, there is no denying Davis's offensive contributions when he is at his best. The MLB community will be closely monitoring his situation in the coming weeks to see where he lands and whether he can revive the performance levels that once made him a valuable player.

Ultimately, Davis's journey serves as a reminder of the ever-changing dynamics within professional baseball. Teams contending for playoff spots or needing to boost their roster depth will have to weigh the potential benefits against the risks when considering bringing Davis on board.

The baseball world eagerly anticipates Davis’s next move, and his future endeavors will undoubtedly be a focal point for both fans and analysts as he strives to rediscover his previous form.


"Infielder J.D. Davis was designated for assignment by the Oakland A's on Monday, sources mentioned, just three months after the San Francisco Giants released him during spring training, costing him nearly $6 million."

"Davis, who can play both first and third base, had signed with Oakland after his surprising release from the Giants."

"Oakland signed Davis, 31, to a one-year, $2.5 million deal in March following his surprising cut from the Giants."

"Davis had beaten the Giants in salary arbitration, where he was set to receive $6.9 million for the season."

"When the Giants released Davis just one week after signing third baseman Matt Chapman to a free agent deal, they only owed him one-sixth of his contract, or approximately $1.15 million."

"The decision to release Davis angered players around the league, but despite protests, they had little recourse."

"This anger subsided after Davis signed with the A's."

"Nevertheless, Davis struggled in his 39 games with the team, batting .236/.304/.366, hitting four home runs and driving in five runs."

"If Oakland can trade Davis, the acquiring team will assume a portion of the remainder of his salary, which is fully guaranteed."

"If Oakland is unable to find a trading partner, Davis could sign with a new team for a prorated portion of the $740,000 league minimum salary."

"Throughout his eight-year Major League Baseball career, Davis has been a well-above-average hitter, slashing .259/.341/.427."

"Defensive shortcomings have limited his ability to secure full-time at-bats."

"He produced significant numbers at the plate last year with the Giants, hitting 18 home runs and driving in 69 runs over 144 games."

"Davis’s best season came in 2019 when he played for the New York Mets, who acquired him from the Houston Astros during the previous offseason."

"During that year, he slashed an impressive .307/.369/.527, hitting 22 home runs and driving in 57 runs over 140 games, which were split between third base and left field."

"The designation for assignment marks another twist in Davis's tumultuous year, which began with a costly release from the Giants and continued with a challenging stint in Oakland."

"Despite his struggles this season, Davis's proven track record as a reliable hitter makes him an interesting prospect for teams willing to take a chance on his talent."

"While his defensive abilities have been questioned, Davis's offensive skills are undeniable."

"The coming weeks will reveal whether another team will take a gamble on Davis by trading for him or signing him as a free agent."

"The baseball world will be watching closely to see where the talented infielder lands next and whether he can rediscover the form that made him a valuable asset in previous seasons."